I wasn’t going to go – even though I chose it.
I didn’t set my alarm – even though I chose it.
And I woke up with 40 minutes before I would have to leave – if I was actually going to choose it.


I wanted to go on a segway riding adventure experience in Cypress Hills. I called them the day before and I had a 10 in the morning ride scheduled. Usually they only do rides with 3 people minimum and they found another 2 peeps and with me joining in and saying YES… the tour was a go. That was easy. Ask and receive.


The evening before the adventure I was working with my business, writing emails, transcribing documents, and cuddling my dog. Then a thought. “I won’t go”. “You can have a day at home with your dog”. “My dog is so cute I want to go everywhere with him or stay at home”. “I could get a lot done if I stayed at home. You can go another time with 2 of your own friends and find your own peeps to go with.


I was shutting down the yes that was so interesting to receive just the day before.

Now 30 minutes before I would have to leave… and my car needs gas… I’m unpacked,… my dog is still asleep on the bed.

I’m aware that I’m a little crunchy. I’m shutting down a little.


Is this mine?
Hmmmm. Maybe not.

Is this the change you have been asking for?
Definitely YES.

Will this create more for your business?
Definitely YES.

And once I asked that question and once I stopped focusing on the crunch and the grump a floodgate of information came to me.

This is what I do.

I choose something and then find 101 reasons why not to choose it and make up different excuses to not choose it and to say and work and make creation hard. Excuses and reasons like… you could have just as much fun in your own back yard and save money on gas. (That’s not a question. No possibilities here my friends).

What gift am I refusing that I could be choosing?

Its so interesting. The ask was light. The choosing it was light. And in the period of 12 hours, something was wanting me to NOT choose fun… to NOT choose play… to NOT choose creation … and to NOT be ease.

I am no longer choosing that.
I am no longer choosing work over pleasure and passion.
I am no longer putting the creating of my life on the sidelines for other people’s expectations of me – whether I know these people or not.

It makes no sense to have a business day on a segway in the beautiful Cypress Hills. Business is to be behind a desk… online… with schedules … and apps… and effort.

Today I chose to NOT contract my asks.
Today I chose to PLAY with my business.


I told my dog to have a great day and he would be having a playdate later with my mom and dad. I filled up my car with gas. I had breakfast. I packed close toed shoes and my bathing suit (you never know what may show up today when you say yes to your knowing and your dreams).

I arrived on time. I pulled energy and gave energy and was filled with contribution and kindness from the lodge pole pines. My body moved. I felt tall. I was floating on the woodland trail. There were 3 of us. Myself and a father and his 8-year-old son (who was just tall enough and weighed enough to join us).

I am worth it. I am worth the yes’s. I am worth the “no not todays”. I am worth every 60 seconds in this minute. And NOW is the time where I ask for all of my asks to be received with awareness and to choose beyond the crunch and the crank.

I can always change my mind.
I can always choose different.
I always have choice.

I always have me, having my own back – if I choose it.

So now… in these 60 seconds of these collections of 10-second choices, I am playing with my business… on the sundeck of the Cypress Hills Café, writing to you. Watching the paddle-boats and kayaks floating on the dark blue water. Listening to the low murmur of conversations nearby. Celebrating the breeze on my face and the children’s laughter emanating from the pool. And all of us… in these 10 seconds are received by the earth and the hills and the sky.

Today I receive me and the earth and I am so grateful for all of it and more.

Beyond Words. There is the space that fills me with so much possibility of what else is possible and what else I can choose.

So sending you all my gratitude and kindness friends.

May your day be filled with joyous 10-second choices that create more for you right now. And just in case you forgot… here are some of the questions that helped me get out of the crunch and the crank… and onto the highway of adventurous possibilities… that led me here… to this moment in Cypress Hills and with you.

Shine on.
Be Unleashed.
Unleash your magnificence.