Christine Ciona

Hi Sunshine. I’m Christine. An entrepreneur, joy advocate and abundant living guide dedicated to helping you be the magnificence of you & shine.

Be Magnificent! Be Ease! Be Joy! Be Awesome! Be YOU.

Helping you BE YOU one choice at a time!

My life and work is a commitment to joy and awareness and inviting people to create a life and a living filled with ease, joy and awesome.

Christine Ciona – the Shining Joy Guru is here to wake you up to the magnificence you be. Christine is a certified counselor, life coach, access consciousness bars facilitator, soul coach, world drum circle facilitator, meditation teacher and expressive arts therapist. For over 25 years Christine has been inviting people to get unstuck, be clear and unleash their capacities with ease and joy. She facilitates group and personal experiences in person, online and around the world.

Christine Ciona – the Shining Joy Guru – is here to wake us up to our awesomeness. What can you be or do today to create more ease and less stress right away? Not sure? Christine Ciona’s sessions, events and services will create more ease, kindness and awesomeness for you in your life and living.

What lights Christine up? People choosing to Change, Choose and Create their lives. It is time to choose different. It is time to amp it up. Join Christine in her private energy sessions or check out her products of possibility. All are intended to make you smile, take a deep breath and recognize and be your magnificence. BAM! I’LL HAVE SOME OF THAT PLEASE!

I look forward to creating a dynamic event and inspirational session that ignite people into living and being their own magnificence.

Tanja Tabel

  • I have… an abundance of curiosity & wondering for greater living/being…
  • Many things to be grateful for…
  • A partner who has a wonderful sense of humour, and is such a contribution
  • 2 daughters, that are my greatest co-creations/ers
  • A space in the trees and amongst the ever gifting nature
  • I also share space with a cat & amazing sled dog beings that facilitate my greater living in ways I have no words for
  • A connection with animals…and a seeker of communication
  • CFMW/BodyTalk/Access Bars/Access Con. Body Processes/Energetic Facelift/Changer of Molecules/Facilitator of Change
  • I BE space!

Tanja has been using her intuition and capacities for many years. Her journey started out working on her many sled dogs. In the desire to connect, and knowing, she could be the catalyst for healing with her dogs. She started with Body Talk and has added Access Consciousness. As well, uses her own knowing and following the energy, with all the animals she contacts and collaborates with.

Tanja has had many interesting results with animals that were at near death, rebound to full health as if almost nothing happened. To having growths disappear within days. The invitation to a different possibility goes beyond just animals and has also had some magical results with people as well. Her capacities are not just limited to healing and health, they also include breakthroughs in places people are stuck and can’t seem to get beyond.

Tanja has a way, in her calm and quiet way of perceiving a situation, and being the space for something new to show up, which would often seem like magic. This is her gift to the world.