Upcoming WONDERMENT virtual retreat!

A 2-day online retreat with global wellness facilitators and consciousness guides to awaken to the wonderment of your life and the creation of your future.

For over 25 years Christine & Tanja have been inviting people to get unstuck, be clear and unleash their capacities with ease and joy.

They facilitate group and personal experiences in person, online and around the world.

They offer...

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Christine Ciona

Are you being KIND? Or OBLIGATED?

An adventure of kindness with a dash of obligation I was travelling from my home town to Salt Spring Island – a journey of over 1600 km (including a 1.5 hour ferry ride). Across 3 provinces and a change in time zones. In the car

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Christine Ciona

I lost my laptop… and found my mind

A week ago, this happened and it is all true. Wednesday night. Its 7:50 pm. I’m writing to you with pen and paper in my green teal Capacities Unleashed Journal. 3 hours ago, I arrived here, at my friend’s house; where I was spending the

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Christine Ciona

I wasn’t going to go…

I wasn’t going to go – even though I chose it.I didn’t set my alarm – even though I chose it.And I woke up with 40 minutes before I would have to leave – if I was actually going to choose it. INTERESTING. I wanted

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